One Direction On The Road Again: Jakarta, March 25th 2015

This post was waaaaaay long overdue.
I finally got to meet the loves of my life. Got pretty sick spot, near the second stage thing (that's how me and the gang call it, if that's not what it's called then my apologies). I skipped 4 classes in total for One Direction all important difficult level classes but it's ok I'll do anything for One Direction.

This shittest thing for me, though, is that we tried to find them in Jakarta because Liam tweeted that they landed right but turned out
THEY HADN'T EVEN LANDED UNTIL THE AFTERNOON BEFORE THE CONCERT you might believe this or not but it is what happened and I am truly gutted because we wasted all that time for them but they weren't even here??? But it's ok any time spent with these gals are never gone wasted.

The thing that I regret most though, is Zayn quitting the band. And "Modest!" announced the "official" statement through facebook right after our show. I remember I was waiting for Rara's dad's car on a bus shelter in front of Hotel Mulia with Evel, Abel, Rara, and Wirid and we cried like the world is ending.... #wemissyouzayn

The view from our room

- Mutiara Primaster

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