Sexual Empowerment vs. Sexual Objectification

Committing to a sexually empowered lifestyle means deciding you matter, your desires matter, your boundaries matter and your sexual health matters. Man or woman, sexually active or not, sexual empowerment is an essential component of creating a community with zero tolerance for sexual violence.

The question is whether feeling empowered and being empowered are the same thing and whether empowerment is merely a feeling or should be connected to power and autonomy in other spheres. Feeling emboldened sexually is not the same as empowered.
~ Lamb, 2010

So, what is the difference between sexual empowerment and sexual objectification, really? Since both are pretty much the same. The answer is actually really simple; it lays on who has the power.
To get more specific details on the matter, check out this very informative and carefully drawn comic by Ronnie Ritchie :

- Mutiara Primaster
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