May Inspo

May has graced us with her long awaited presence. Welcome, May!
As for me, I have been feeling quite demotivated for the past 2 weeks, all thanks to one boy who lives in the land of reasonably long wall and dumplings. It was hard, well it still is hard, but. I have been staying out late doing nothing—I would not want to go back to my standard-priced room if Shylla (my roommate) wasn't home. For the past week I always went back after 10. The reason I always go home right before 11 PM is because Kutek gate closes down at 11 and I do not want to wander around by foot in that place, hell na. It's dark and the crime rate is flying high at the moment; I don't need my mom to find an arm donor for me just because some young uneducated criminal cut down mine in the middle of the night 500 meters from my student housing building thing.
But, enough about the sappy stuff—that wasn't even sappy, but whatever. So here are things that I have been loving in the month of April; songs, books, videos, movies, truth be told at this second I still don't know what I'm gonna write on this post but I'm just gonna roll with it, ok?

1. The Script - Superheroes

When you've been fighting for it all your life // You've been struggling to make things right // That's how a superhero learns to fly // Every day // Every hour // Turn the pain into power

I have been listening to this song non stop for the past 2, 3 days. I know this is a p old song and I have been listening to this song a lot in the radio for weeks but. But. This song is helping me right now so screw me for wanting to know how a superhero learns to fly.

2. T-shirts with smartass typography

If you know me in real life, you would know that I never really wear tees. To classes that I go to half-assed, sure, but they were always T shirts for events where I was a participant or a committee. I never really spend money to buy T shirts but now I am pretty much obsessed with T shirts. It's weird. In 3 weeks time I probably will be back to wearing boring blouses and dresses and will only be using these T shirts to classes but hey. Let a girl shop what she wants to shop.

3. Jesse McCartney - The Second Star To The Right

Every time you need its light // It'll be there // To show the dreams you plan can come true

Can we talk about the little dance Jesse did in the beginning though? Dang, there's a reason I love him so much and that's one of them.

4. Stephanie Perkins - My True Love Gave To Me
I had been seeing reviews about this book for like forever, but couldn't find the link to download it anywhere. Last night I went to PIM with a friend to grab something to eat and he ran out of stationeries so he had to get new ones. We were in PIM, right, so naturally, I'd walk slower and with fixated eyes on the store display every time we walk pass Periplus. He didn't want to stop so I could go in, what a bummer. :( THEN, on our third time (I think) walking over the shop, he just went into the TV store that I can't remember the name of, the one right across Periplus. Being a good friend I walked in behind him and guess what he did? He just spent minutes looking at videos of flowers and waterfalls and weird trees on the TVs. So I did what I had to do—walk out of the TV store and into Periplus.
That's where I saw him. The book that I have been searching for for months. But they only had one copy and the wrap was already opened and I never buy books that are unwrapped. So I decided against it and when I tried to find it online this afternoon, I found it!
So this book is of 12 winter romance stories by multiple authors such as Stephanie Perkins, Ally Carter, David Levithan, Gayle Forman, Holly Black, Jenny Han, Kelly Link, Kiersten White, Laini Taylor, Matt de la Pena, Myra McEntire, and Rainbow Rowell. Damn, just reading at the line of authors turns me on already. I am so excited to start this book I can't even explain it with words, but if I had to, I would probably explain what I'm feeling with this little smiley; ":')"

5. What's Your Number? (2011)

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) is a thirty-something woman who is struggling to make better decisions with her life. Her boyfriend Rick (Zachary Quinto) breaks up with her when she asks him to attend her sister Daisy's (Ari Graynor) upcoming wedding, and she then gets laid off from her job. While taking the subway home, Ally comes across a Marie Claire magazine article entitled "What's Your Number?", which says that women who have more than twenty lovers in their lifetime have difficulty finding a husband. After making a list of all the men she slept with, she realizes that her number is nineteen, making her decide not to have sex with anyone else until she finds "the one". She then wakes up after Daisy's bachelorette party and discovers that she hooked up with her ex-boss Roger (Joel McHale). Hoping to miss an awkward confrontation, Ally lets her neighbor Colin Shea (Chris Evans) into her apartment so that way Roger will leave. It turns out that Colin was only over to avoid a girl that he slept with, because he doesn't want to give the women he sees any expectations. Ally then runs into "Disgusting Donald" (Chris Pratt), her once overweight ex-boyfriend who's now successful and good-looking. She decides to track down all of her ex-boyfriends in the hope that one of them will have grown into the man she wants to marry, and therefore the number of men she has slept with will never have to increase. She gets help from Colin in exchange for letting him stay in her place after his one-night stands, but things do not quite work out the way she had expected and Ally remembers why it didn't work out with those men in the first place. After a falling out with Colin, Ally thinks she finally finds her match - an old flame, Jake Adams (Dave Annable). She attends her sister's wedding with Jake only to realize that the man she truly loves is Colin. Ally runs across the city to find Colin and the two reunite with a kiss. Afterwards, Ally gets a call from an old boyfriend (Aziz Ansari) telling her that they in fact did not sleep together. Ally rejoices in the fact that Colin is indeed the 20th and last man she ever slept with.

Wow... I just copied the plot from Wikipedia lol #sorrynotsorry. I re-watched this movie for like the tenth time yesterday and it still brought me to tears! From laughing. It's just so refreshingly stupid; the kind that will make you think "the fuck? Do this really happen in real life?"

Don't forget to spread love and be nice to everyone!
Signing off;
- Mutiara Primaster
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